Company Profile

Gsped and Ricalcola are the complete suite (are the perfect bundle) for managing your shipments.
We work for making the management of shipments always better.

The main features:

Importing orders

The orders' details are imported automatically with a connector that communicates via API with all the e-commerce sites and marketplaces.

Printing labels

When the shipment is created, a ready-to-print label is returned - in the final format of the couriers.

Single interface (a mio avviso il legame fra il titolo e il testo non è chiarissimo)

A proprietary algorithm processes the shipments' stata and warns you in case of problems. Customers may receive emails for any shipment update (status) (departed, delivered, undeliverable, etc).

Cost control

You can create the shipment with the cheapest courier based on your price lists.

Financial management

The control of COD remittances (is) simple and punctual (manca il verbo)

In addition functionality Invoice control:

Check the applied rates with reference to the couriers' price lists - by uploading the couriers' invoices

Have an estimation of shipping costs, through an API call - showing you rates and transit times for each service, according to pre-set couriers

Know what to charge to your customers, according on active price lists - with reference to the couriers' charged weights and volumes