Company Profile

From the first click to the pick-up in lockers, Intergic has been selecting the best international technologies for over 10 years to optimize every single touchpoint (online or offline) with the customer.


We like to call ourselves the best-of-breed full-stack (yes, we know it's a paradox!) since we choose technologies specialized in a certain area but with our portfolio we cover the customer journey from A to Z: search and navigation; recommendation; A/B testing, personalization and predictive targeting; size measurement; optimization of the Amazon Vendor channel; installment payments; e-mail automation and locker service.


Our technologies: InPost, Klarna, FACT-Finder, SuperDisty, Kameleoon, CleverReach®, MySizeID, CRO_BRAIN.


Among our customers: Mediaworld, Amicafarmacia, Canali, Moncler and many others.