Company Profile

LiveForum offers customisable technological solutions for interactive events such as trade shows, conferences, conventions, congresses, workshops and showrooming.

Our solutions are meant for creating complete and innovative digital locations, where users can live immersive experience and discover new visibility and engagement modalities.

Visitors and exhibitors can navigate through exhibition areas, virtual booths, live plenary sessions as well as thematic workshops, meeting rooms, roundtables and coffee lounges. Choose among a variety of customisable products and graphic modules: 

  • LiveExpo: Digital Exhibitions
  • LiveTalk: Online Workshops and Seminars
  • LiveCongress: Online Medical-Scientific Congresses
  • LiveConference: Digital Conferences
  • LiveVote: Assemblies with Votes
  • LiveRooms: Virtual Meeting Rooms

LiveForum is a product of MMM Group, active for over 25 years in the development of cutting-edge solutions in the field of digital communication, ecommerce systems and Web Based Application development.