Company Profile

MyBank is an online payment solution compliant with PSD2, GDPR and AML directives that enables customers, companies and public authorities to make payments and collect money online using home banking or mobile channels without sharing any sensitive data with third parties.

MyBank bring together the possibility of paying in a secure environment with the objective to protect the digital identity and the immediacy of the transaction as well the online banking user experience and no plafond limit.

On the creditor’s side MyBank gives the certainty of collection, facilitates the 100% automatic reconciliation and allows the optimization of working capital and the incrementation of average value and market share.

With more than 200 banks and € 22M transacted value per day, MyBank is the pan European solution that digitizes the collections processes and is a win win solution for all parties involved in a transaction.

MyBank is owned by PRETA SAS, a subsidiary of EBA Clearing.