OmniShopper & Co.


Company Profile

We Are 100% Omnichannel


We focus on the next generation of retail. We are built to help brands generate engagement along the entire, seamless customer journey,  from online to in-store and everywhere in-between.

Seamless shopping does not mean all channels all the time but the ability to choose the single online or offline channel consumers want, when they want it. Which is why we make brands mean something to customers regardless how they come in contact.

Having deep expertise across different platforms and multiple disciplines is a key  success factor to achieve great results.


Do you want to engage shoppers into a seamless experience?

We boost awareness and accelerate sales across different touchpoints: in store, on the go, online. 


Do you want to improve your Digital Shelf Perfomance? 

Discover how we can help you to accelerate your sales velocity on Amazon and other top etailer, in Italy and across international markets.