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About Oney

Founded in 1983, Oney is a bank created by retailers with a presence in twelve countries. It has been offering payment solutions, financial services and fraud prevention for e-commerce, insurance products and customer data analysis for over 35 years. Every day it supports the projects of over 7,8 million customers worldwide, thanks to the experience offered by its staff of 2.600.

3x4xOney, Europe's leading online financing solution, is chosen by two million new customers each year on the e-commerce sites of over 550 partners in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Romania end Germany. 

The innovative digital multi-device user experience offered by 3x4xOney simplifies online and offline purchases by customers on partners' e-commerce sites and points of sale: a unique solution on the Italian market that can be used, via a secure process of just a few clicks, to obtain short-term financing (repaid in three or four instalments), with payments charged to the customer's credit card.


Oneytrust is a service provider specialized in fraud prevention and digital profiling solutions for e-commerce. Oneytrust offers a wide range of solutions to improve and protect the shopping experience of its customers.

Oney Insurance

Oney Insurance is an insurer that provides B2B insurance services in various industries throughout Europe. Oney Insurance works with its partners to design and implement insurance products tailored to their business needs.

Core services: payment protection insurance, safety net insurance, affinity insurance.