Retex Spa


Company Profile

Retex is a tech company that leads innovation into the retail world creating a super-connected shopping experience. Founded in 2010 by Fausto Caprini and other professionals in the field, today it has its headquarters in Milan, with offices also in Turin, Florence, Modena, Ivrea, Albenga, Shanghai and London.


Retex has set itself the goal of creating the future of retail, through technological solutions integration, sector knowledge and creativity;  adding to that its business that is known for its approach to the retail market which transcends the boundaries of channels using a cross-skill of system integration, user experience and content.


Retex is aimed at all retailers who wish to make use of innovative digital technologies to expand, form and improve their business in Italy and abroad, offering valuable solutions thanks to its ability to intercept the purchasing behavior based on cognitive processes, social and market changes, relating them to ideas, journeys and technologies. Its main reference segments are the large-scale retail trade, the Fashion & Luxury and Food & Beverage sector.