San Marino Mail Italia


Company Profile

San Marino Mail Italia deals with B2C and B2B parcel deliveries all over Europe, combining integrated logistics services and an internally developed IT infrastructure to support the entire logistics-ditribution process. 

We have developed a business model that meets the modern needs of the market, able to manage the distribution of parcels with a high quality standard. Our task is to ensure the customer the most suitable type of shipment

The pillars of our work are the monitoring of shipments through our IT infrastructure, the proactivity of our Customer Service, the careful selection of capillarity partners for the entrustment of shipments, the production of the various waybills, the delivery and the eventual management of returns. We have developed a new logistics business unit dedicated to storage services, pick & pack, cross docking, pakaging customization and order preparation, with the possibility of a direct link with the main distribution networks.

That’s our mission: to make your customers happy.